Tips for Better Meditation part 2

Up in Arms About How to Meditate?

how to meditate

Strategies for meditation can be extremely useful. After all, it is not all about spiritual. It is one of the most powerful habits that anyone can use if they wish to relieve the amount of stress in their minds and bodies. The best method to start a walking meditation is to get a region where you may safely walk, free from traffic and several other hazards or distractions.

You will discover that it is a really simple means to enter into meditation. Meditation may be fantastic tool for combating strain and stress related problems. It is a great thing, and its practiced by lots of different religions. Also remember that it must be a regular practice. Your everyday meditations will result in you encountering synchronicities in your everyday lifestyle.

To boost the procedure, you can earn meditation easy, with a Brain Sync program to assist. Meditation will gradually provide you with the capability to hold your head by a tight leash. Whatever time you meditate it’s important to provide the meditation a significant priority. Finally you are prepared to start the Manifestation Meditation, also called the Ah Meditation.

Since you can see, meditation can definitely aid you with your work along with your private lifestyle. Meditation has many advantages for your body in addition to your mind. It can reduce stress and therefore fortify the immune system. Vipassana meditation is an absolutely free course over 10 days and I strongly suggest them once you are practising at least two decades.

Oftentimes the music you’re using if it’s created for meditation is going to do this for you but there isn’t anything worse than to be brought from a wonderful peaceful tranquil state by the blast of a whistle. It is simple to do meditation if you prefer to attain concentration and should you wish to have a wonderful sleep. Because meditation’s been around for such a long time, a broad range of meditation systems are readily available. Guided meditation is active meditation, and thus, may be the best decision to begin your meditation journey.

For people who learn Meditation with no energy initiation procedure, it is nearly impossible to access Divine Energy, simply because not one of your Chakras are activated. Meditation isn’t difficult to do should you know some basic practices. It’s just another means to say which you’re executing a mindfulness meditation.

New Questions About How to Meditate

The very first thing any meditation text will inform you is to discover a quiet place with little if any distractions. The most important idea of meditation is that one needs to empty their mind. The Guided Meditation technique can be displayed in quite a few ways. Stress can cause your body producing extra cortisol that has been associated with many instances of heart failure. You must avoid distractions, because, particularly when you’re starting out, your mind will try to find every chance to skip to something else.

You sit on your favourite meditation place and start to meditate. There are lots of techniques to meditate. Your mind may be a wonderful helper, learning how to control it with meditation provides you with a great deal of benefits. You may slowly practice shifting your mind by starting an easy job, for example, washing a ground or vacuuming a carpeting. When you meditate your mind gets strong and fit to handle all kinds of problem in living. Your mind gets still and calm. You might discover that the meditative mind will begin to learn that these sounds are a part of the procedure and it’ll become easier and simpler to accomplish your meditative state.

Should you not wish to understand how to meditate by yourself, then you could locate a personal trainer who’d be ready to teach you the way to meditate. As an experienced tantra teacher will say, tantra meditation really isn’t the exact same as yoga meditation. Most professional meditation practitioners will recommend that somebody who’s new to meditation take a guided meditation session so they can discover how to attain the condition of mind the kind of meditation they are attempting to get to. Only meditators with continuous meditation ability could possibly have any opportunity to attain enlightenment.

Should you be trying to find a higher degree of meditation then vipassana might be the answer for you. If this is the case, you may be wondering which one is most effective for someone who is attempting to understand how to meditate. It’s possible to only obtain the advantage of meditation should you do it on a standard basis. Only a few people know the usual advantages of meditation but hardly any of them actually understand how to meditate. There are a few excellent benefits of employing a meditation stool. Therefore the aim of meditation, from a physiological viewpoint, is to accomplish the alpha state.

Here’s a quick video displaying a few tips:

The relationship between meditation, gut health, and probiotics

Is there a correlation between your mental state, your ability to meditate, your gut health, and probiotics? On the surface, these things seem unrelated, but when you look a little deeper, they are actually all closely intertwined.

Mental Health

In order to meditate properly, you need to be in a good mental state. Your brain needs to be balanced and you need to be able to think clearly. You also need to be able to focus clearly. If you have some sort of imbalance or deficiency, you’re mental health won’t be in the right state and your meditation (or at least your ability to do so) will suffer. Plus, other physical manifestations will come about. And it’s all related to gut health, which I will explain in the next section.

Gut Health

When you were born, your nervous system (which is like your body’s computer and controls everything) split in two. Most of your neurons went to the brain but some went to the gut. So that’s why you get these feelings of butterflies or nerves in your stomach / in your gut region. If this delicate balance gets thrown off even the slightest amount, you will experience all kinds of problems.

For example, leaky gut syndrome can come about because of this balance being thrown off. As you experience the negative health effects, your physical health will soon start to be affected as well. So it’s important that you keep this delicate balance in check. How? See below


Probiotics are one of the best ways you can get and keep your gut balance in order. You can get them from foods naturally, or you can take them in supplement form (I use this form of liquid probiotics). The more stands of probiotics you have in your gut, the more diverse those strands is what I’m trying to say,  the better your overall health is going to be. As they say, all health starts in the gut, and this includes your mental health.

So probiotics will help improve your mental health. Studies have shown that they are actually good for reducing depression and some mood disorders, so that’s always a huge benefit. So when your mental health improves, so will your mediation (not directly, but you will be in a better position to meditate). You’ll probably feel more calm and more relaxed, and you’ll have more clarity – all from a simple daily ingestion of probiotics. Continue Reading →

Personal Reflection on meditation

Hey guys, I wanted to get a bit personal here. I wanted to share my personal story on how I came to love meditation so much.

It started back when I was in high school. I was a cheerleader for the local football team, and I was seriously depressed. I was in a serious relationship at the time and I just wasn’t happy. My boyfriend was a decent guy, but he ended up breaking my heart by going out with another girl. So that lead me into a spiraling depression. My grades were suffering and I just didn’t have the relationship with people that I used to have. But I felt like I lost all of that my senior year. I turned to drinking and drug to ease the pain of the depression I was experiencing.

But then my mom gave me a book, and it was the best book I had ever read. Actually it was the only book I ever read seriously at this time.

It was called the Rythm of Life by Matthew Kelly. It totally inspired me to meditate because it talked about the hour of prayer and meditation that you should do every day. The hour that gives you peace and vision and understanding of the most high God. It was very enlightening because I never had meditated before that. And I took to heart what Mr. Kelly was saying, and started to practice meditation. I was 18 at the time and I haven’t missed a day since. I am so grateful for that wonderful book because without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would have a ton more fear, a ton more anxiety, and a ton more worry. But now I’m filled with peace, hope, faith, and a lot more confidence. I have very few worries.

And that all comes from the initial spark of beginning a spiritual or meditation practice. But then you have to keep it up. Each and every single day. Otherwise, it’s like a shower, it will wear out. You will start to lose hope and faith if you don’t pray/ meditate every day. You will start to let worry creep into your life. You will start to get more anxious. I guess my point of this whole post was to encourage you to do more meditating and do it more intentionally. Do it every day and if you don’t already, start today. You can call upon God anytime, and he will be near, says the Good Book. If you don’t know where to start or you feel overwhelmed or don’t know what to do, we’ll be writing some coming posts and will give you tips and pointers as to what to do and how to start , so stay tuned.

Does meditation have health benefits?

Although science may never fully be able to prove the benefits of meditation, there are scientific studies out there that prove without a reasonable doubt (using the scientific method) that meditation can indeed improve your health.

Meditation health benefits

Meditation health benefits

That being said, there are quite a few studies that prove it has benefits. Here they are:

Health Benefits of Meditation

According to a leading Harvard Neuroscientist, Stress can be reduced through meditation. He goes on to say how meditation actually changes your brain chemistry (And therefore the structure and the function) by intentionally reiterating peaceful and calming thoughts into your brain and your psyche. It is truly incredible how much perceived stress can effect your life and your health. There have even been studies of people dying because of too much stress. So meditation is a way that can counteract all the negative stress in your life. Click Here for the article from the Washington post.

Can Improve Resiliency against pain and disease

According to this study, and the section part to it, you can actually become more resilient in the face of pain and suffering. This is because if your brain is stronger, your pain threshold is able to increase. You’re also able to be more calm in the face of disease as well. As we now know, you are more likely to get sick if you are chronically stress. And as I said in the other section, you are more likely to die prematurely if you aren’t coping with stress properly. You can reduce the side effects of pain and disease by meditation. Continue Reading →

What you should meditate on for best results

If you want true meditation, you have to focus on truth. Anything not of the truth is not in your best interests, if you seek the truth. If you search for truth, it will set you free. And we believe we’ve found the truth in God. And in Jesus. If you focus your meditation on Jesus, you will get more out of of your meditation. Because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He will set you free. He is the savior of the world, and if you think you can save yourself from Eternal Damnation, then you’re going to be in for a long afterlife.

New Age Vs. Truth Meditation

If you know anything about the new age movement, you’ll know that it’s filled with lies and deciet. You’ll find half truths and stuff that seemingly makes sense, but is basically all crap. Just the other day, a friend of mine was talking to me about this BS about being an ascended master, or basically an angel. That you can will your own good and become enlightened enough to the point that you are a god.

And why is that crap?

Because it’s illogical. It’s based on the fact that you can make yourself God. And it was Satan who did this first, who tried to make himself like God. And look where that ended him up! So if you mediate on trying to enlighten yourself, you’re not going to get very far. Well actually you may get far in this world, but since the devil is the master of all lies, and has a ton of power in this world, you may be able to get by. But when judgement day comes, you’re bout to be done for!  Continue Reading →

A new great blog about meditation

Hi, Jennifer Robinson here and I wanted to write about meditation. I’m actually a meditation expert (sort of) and I help people mediate to find peace, ease anxiety and stress, and help their mental and physical state.  People have asked mt to start this blog for years and I have been putting it off, but finally, here I am.

If you’re a beginner to meditation, I suggest you check out the following Youtube video to get started:

Great video from Jack right there. I love the quote “finding peace and stillness” in the business of the world. If you’ve never meditated before, then you should definitely give it a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and only much to gain including much peace and harmony with God (if you place yourself in the true meditative state- because if you meditate on the Bible or the one true God rather than trying to make yourself God, then you’ll have an actual true experience. Speaking of the feeling of meditation, I was talking to a guy a credit union just the other day, and he gave me the dumbest response when I asked him where he went to church. He started talking about all his feelings and if he feels a good vibe. Nothing about truth. Nothing about apostolic succession. Crazy, right?


Meditation is good. Meditation is beautiful. It’s just that most people don’t know how. Either that or they just forget, if they haven’t formed the right habit of meditation yet. It can be one of the most peaceful things you’ll ever do- mediate- if you do it on a daily basis. You will feel, and not only feel, but be more peaceful. Your mind will be calmer. In the upcoming posts I’m going to talk about how exactly you can meditate, how you can have peace, how often you should meditate and how long you should mediate for.